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The Seven Summits

The Highest Mountains & Volcanoes of the Seven Continents

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Seven Summits - the quest to reach the highest point on every continentNepal Mountaineering Guide Denal Climbing GuideClassic Climbs in the Caucasus Kilimanjaro Trekking Guide Aconcagua: A Climbing Guide  Mountain of Ice - NOVA

Europe | Africa | Asia | Australasia | North America | South America | Antarctica

7summits - Location Map Location Map :: Seven Second Summits :: Volcanic Seven Summits

Asia: ( 8,000ers7,000ers ,  Nepal Peaks , Pakistan Karakorum )

Mount Everest in Nepal / Tibet - highest summit in Asia and the World

Mount Everest


Everest: 50th Anniversary Volume


K2 in Pakistan -- second highest summit in Asia and the World



K2: The Savage Mountain

Damavand - highest mountain in Iran



World Mountaineering

Europe: ( 4000ers , The Alps , Climbing Info )

Mount Elbrus in Russia - highest summit in Europe



Classic Climbs in the Caucasus


Mont Blanc - highest summit in France and Western Europe

Mont Blanc


Alpine 4000m Peaks - Classic Routes

Africa: ( Climbing Info )

Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - highest summit in Africa



Kilimanjaro Trekking Guide


Mount Kenya - highest summit in Kenya and second highest in Africa

Mount Kenya


Kilimanjaro & Mount Kenya - Climbing & Trekking Guide

Australasia / Oceania: ( Climbing Info )

Carstensz Pyramid in Irian Java / Indonesia - highest summit in Australasia / Oceania

Carstensz Pyramid

Irian Java, Indonesia

Indonesia - Lonely Planet


Mount Cook - highest summit in New Zealand

Mount Cook

New Zealand

Aoraki Mount Cook - A Guide for Mountaineers


Mt. Kosciusko , Snowy Mountains, highest mountain in Australia

Mount Kosciusko


Rough Guide Australia

Mount Wilhelm - highest summit in Papua New Guinea

Mount Wilhelm


Rough Guide Australia

North America: ( Colorado Rockies , Climbing Info )

Denali ( Mt. Mckinley ) in Alaska - highest summit in the USA and North America

Denali ( Mount McKinley )

Alaska, USA

Denali's West Buttress - The Classic / Normal route of Mount Mckinley's


Mount Logan highest mountain in Canada and second highest in North America

Mount Logan


Climbing Canada's High Points


Pico de Orizaba - highest mountain in Mexico

Pico de Orizaba


Climbing in North America

Mount Whitney in California - highest summit in the contiguous states of the USA

Mount Whitney

California, USA

Climbing Mount Whitney

South America: ( Andes , Climbing Info )

Aconcagua in Argentina - highest summit in South America



Aconcagua: A Climbing Guide


Ojos del Salado - highest mountain in Chile - second highest mountain in South America

Ojos del Salado


Trekking & Climbing in the Andes


Vinson Massif - highest summit in Antarctica

Vinson Massif


Mountain of Ice - NOVA






Guide Books & Maps:



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Seven Summits - Quest to reach the highest peaks Seven Summits The Sky's the Limit  Everest - Mountain of Dreams  Everest - Mountain without Mercy  Everest - Beyond the Limit  Mountain of Ice - NOVA

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