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  • " The pictures of Nepal are great. In fact as for i know the country itself is beautiful and unique in its own way. You have done the great job by putting them together and making it accessible to every one in the world wide wide. Truly its a great job - congrats........... "
  • Manish Pandey ( )

  • " Your web site is very nice and its picture are so beautiful. "

  • " We were unable to print a copy of Mt. Makalu from c6000m above adv. base camp without requesting it from you via this form. My daughter is doing a school project and we love your beautiful pictures. We will look elsewhere, so if you are busy, don't bother. Thanks for the great website though! "
  • Kim T. ( )

  • " Dear Sir, I am one of the most experienced mountaineers from India and have climbed 24 major himalayan peaks to date including several solo and first ascents. i have also climbed in the alps, russia, central asia and australia. now i am preparing for a solo attempt of 7 summits. what i wish to know for the present is roughly how much would the whole budget come to in US $ for the seven summits for solo. and which all agencies would you recommend whom i should contact for organizing the same. Even a very rough estimate will help me in approaching sponsorers. Would be grateful if you could provide me the budgetery information at the earliest. waititng for your reply. thanking you. "
  • Satyabrata Dam ( )

  • Geoff Inglis ( )
  • Website:

  • " A cracking site with some wonderfull photos, I visited the Langtang area this year and agree that the bus ride to Dunche is one hell of a white knuckle ride, think I will hire a jeep next time. I hope to return to langtang soon, and would love to do a peak, how fit do you need to be, how dangerous is it, could you recommend one for a first timer?? Cheers, keep up the good work, happy travels, Hawasta. "
  • Aidan Roberts ( )

  • "Hopefully I'll be off to my 4th visit to the Himalayas in October, this time probably to the Annapurna Sanctuary. I've got two questions! The first is about Rakshi Peak - is it easy to get up it, can you do it a day from ABC, is there an obvious route etc (I got in touch another guy called Chris who also asked the same question to you but he hasn't got the details anymore)? And the second - I guess mid to end of October is a good time to go, but have you any idea what end of September is like? Cheers! "
  • Katie Eckford ( )

  • Duncan Wilson ( )

  • Dinesh Kumar ( )

  • "Alan. First of all, what a great site, I have enjoyed both the photos and the comments. My wife and I have travelled extensively through Nepal, Annapurna circuit, Kangchenjunga, Kala Pattar and Gokyo to name a few. I would now like to attempt a trekkers peak with a few friends. A few peaks have been suggested _ Thapa Peak, Pisang and Chulu West. It is now difficult to determine the best to choose, balancing up the difficulty, the time of year etc. We live in Brisbane, Aust and although we are in e_mail contact with our agency in Nepal it is difficult to get enough information on these three peaks to make a informed decision. We have Bill O'Connor's Trekking Peaks 1989. We expect to be in Nepal Easter 2003. We have also heard there has been a bad rockfall on Pisang which has made this peak more difficult. Can you make any comments on these peaks for us, or can you suggest any other peaks. We would prefer not to use the Everest trail as we have been there twice and found it extremely commercial and frustrating. We would appreciate your comments, thanks. "
  • Ross and Brenda Hazelwood ( )

  • "I am most impressed with your photos. I have a particular fascination with Pumori (an expedition several years ago went awry and my good friend and companion was killed). What do you charge for photos and how does one obtain them. Any information at all would be helpful."
  • William M. Allen ( )

  • "Alan. Short of descending a mountain, what is the best way to work through or overcome altitude sickness ????? Your advice would be greatly appreciated."

  • "Greetings from Belgium I am 45 years old , and i am leaving for Dhaulagiri in two months i am trekking always allone with a Sherpa ( no porters ) Its my 5th montain in 4 years . Please can you give me some good information for the trekking . thanks and my best regards."
  • Romain Tinneke ( )

  • "Alan, Thanks for your response _ I have just got up (after a 10 hour night shift _ say ah!) and read though the route. It certainly looks within our capabilities, given luck and no mis_haps so appears to meet our needs completely. Although none of us have been to Nepal before, one has trekked in Ladakh and climbed Stok Khangri so this time we plan to do it more or less the same way he did _ by contacting one of his guides from that trip who is actually Nepali and who also guides for Exodus. He offered to arrange any future trip so we plan to take advantage of that and let him make our local arrangements. Your comments about the need for crampons etc are interesting _ we assumed we would need them no matter what but hadn't thought of hiring them out there which may well be an option now. Thanks for that tip. One more query you may be able to answer (together with all the others!) Are we likely to need plastic boots if we attempt to ascend Rakshi Peak? Thanks again for your prompt responses and the assistance you have already given."

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