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  • " Simply fantastic!!!! "

  • " would just like to thank the creators of this fine website as i am doing a project and this site was extremely useful. Thanks again "

  • "Alan: Just came upon your site today via a web search on Allan Glen's School. I was in your year at school and remember you quite clearly. I've led a very unexciting life compared to you and retired early from ScottishPower nearly 3 years ago after a career in transmission engineering. My adventures are limited to cruising the West Coast lochs and islands in my old ramshackle boat! Hope you're still fit and well and enjoying the mountains. All the best."
  • Willie Maclean ( )

  • Steve Hufford ( )

  • Graham Moreton ( )

  • " I have added your site to Rec.climbers.  It's a very high quality site...  Awesome photos.  Thanks a lot for notifying me! Have a good day, "

  • " You have the most fantastic collection of mountain photos I have ever seen. I'm going to add your site to my links page. Best regards. "

  • " One of the best websites I have ever been on. Brilliant. "
  • Dougie Baird ( )

  • "It's good to hear of someone else who has climbed Yala peak, how many photos of the Langtang/Helambu area are on the CD? Also would you like to exchange links?"

  • "Congratulations on a magnificent site! Your travels and pix are very inspiring. Best regards."
  • Simon Kirwan ( )
  • Website:

  • "The Afghan Youth Council is a group of young Afghans based in the UK. The group is for Afghan youth between the age of 14 and 25."
  • Afghan Youth Council ( )
  • Website:

  • "We are from Pakistan and love offroading and discovering new places. Our website has lots of pictures of the beautiful mountains of Pakistan. Membership is free".
  • Ehsan Kiani ( )
  • Islamabad Jeep Club ( )

  • David Unterman ( )

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    Please use the Feedback Form to provide your comments / request information

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