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  • " Fantastic website!! im scottish, and sitting in the south of england, showing all these fab pictures to my work mates. they are all extremley jelous! keep up the good work. "
  • Nicola Smith ( )

  • " Hi Alan. Arran is my second home, such a beautiful place! I'll be going over there in a few weeks again, I can't keep away from the place :) Take care. "
  • Pete Ross ( )
  • Website:

  • "Very nice site which reflects exactly my own sentiments and ideas regarding the scottish wilderness experience. Well done.Planning a trip up Loch Mullardoch with my Canadian canoe and wondered if there are any access restrictions that you know of. Also could you recommend a good pitch for our tent, we wondered about atop the little knoll by the narrow stretch of the loch. Any info most welcome. Happy wandering. Dave and Jon."
  • David Laurie ( )

  • Julie Campbell ( )

  • "I am in the process of planning a 10 day Holiday in the west highlands two of us are looking to do a route in a canoe over approx 4-6 days the route decribed sounds ideal could you send me info on where to hire a canoe from and any other helpful info. "
  • Antony Hinchliffe ( )

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    Europe ( Including Morocco and Turkey ):

  • " Has anyone climbed the Northeast Pillar Austrian Route or the Lauper Route on the Eiger? I would like to correspond with someone with information on those routes. "

  • " Hi Alan. Any information on the Monch in the Bernese Oberland would be extreamly appreciated. Iam proposing to attempt this in September of this year. Any help you can give will be gratefuly received. Regards. "

  • " Your site is marvelous. I am traveling to Southern Spain in October and have been looking for information on the area. Your site is packed with it and such great pictures too.. THANKS. "

  • " Your site contains the following statement: "On a good day some two hundred climbers attain the 4800 metre summit [of the Mont Blanc] - second highest in the continent of Europe to the 5600 metre Mt.Elbrus in the Caucasus." This is a common bloomer. It implies that there are no other mountains in the Caucasus than Elbruz which are higher than 15,777 ft, which is not the case, as a good atlas will show. Peakware ( ) lists eight Caucasian peaks which are higher than Mont Blanc. "
  • Martin Bucknall ( )

  • ALPINISMO  9 dicembre 2002.
    Nepal: le ultime notizie di alpinismo dalla capitale nepalese comunicano che due giapponesi hanno raggiunto recentemente la cima del Tengi Ragi Tau, importante montagna di 6943 metri situata nella regione del Solokhumbu e molto conosciuta e fotografata dai trekkers (v. foto pescata dalla rete). Questa bellissima montagna non era stata ancora salita. A seguito dell'apertura con la famosa 101 Peaks List redatta dal governo nepalese all'inizio di quest'anno un team di cinque scalatori giapponesi guidato da Koichi Ezaki è riuscito nell'ascensione senza l'utilizzo dell'ossigeno. ( )

  • Kimmo Hermansson ( )

  • "I found your photographs of the Julian Alps exilarating! I made my first excursion around Vrsic across to Slema (overlooking the Planica ski jumping centr) last year and am looking forward to more exploration this year and hopefully an attempt on Triglav next year. I wish you well on your future expeditions! "
  • Pete Barnett ( )

  • "Hallo, I would like to visit Marocco this year. Please could you send me more information about Goulimine including pictures. Thank you. "
  • Pavlina ( )

  • "Just typed in the word Snohetta, and up popped your pics. Brought back some memories.!!! On the 15th February 1992 there was an avalanche on Snohetta with seven climbers involved, one of the climbers being the Lord Mayor of Dombas, who sadly died. The other members of the climbing team, as far as I know, survived. I dont know what there names are, as we were never told. I was one of the drivers of the "Haglund" snow-vehicle, that took the medical team up to Snohetta, and rescued the other climbers. I'm not looking for praise or anything, it's just that, since that day, I have always wondered about the climbers we rescued, how they where, and how they are now. There was a presentation at the range head, presented to the AMF(L) for their help in the rescue. The colonel went to the range head to accept the presentation, and left myself and the other driver, (my crew mate) outside with the vehicle, so we never got to see the two climbers who made it to the presentation, or any of the others we rescued. If by any chance you know who they where, or know how to get in touch with them, could you please let them know, that I have often thought about them, and hope they all recovered ok. Regards and Best Wishes."
  • Ray Hodgson ex, L/Bdr. AMF(L) ( )

  • Mitja from Slovenia ( )

  • "Hello, Please could you tell me where i can order poster size prints of pictures of the swiss alps."

  • "Hi Alan. Graeme Able pointed me towards your excellent site. I recall a memorable trip with you in 1976, which included Mt Blanc. Are you still a mean card player?"
  • Russ Stewart ( )

  • ( Dear Alan, Thank you so much for the web sites. I appreciated your help with finding photos. Thank You Again Courtney )

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  • " You have a really nice and informative site! The "black sheep" is there though - Highalpex. I thought it was well known that this is a very bad company? I even stumbled over a website about it. I have a friend who was ripped off, that's why I let you know.  The facts there talks for themselves. "

  • Lez ( )
  • Website

  • " Really enjoyed your account and photos of Malaysia. I travelled a similar route a couple of years ago and your description brought the wonder of the place back to me all over again. Cheers. "
  • Peter Mayer ( )

  • Nurshahidah Ab Hamid ( )

  • "Would like to know the price railway from Singapore - Bangkok with a stopover in either Koh Samui or Phuket . Am from Australia . "

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    New Zealand:

    ( "Alan. Thanks for the pictures of waterfalls. We are really looking forward to the trip. I'm actually from Wellington. My fiancee is an Essex girl. " )

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    My wife and I were recently in the UK and climbed Mount Snowdon. We had planned to do Scafel Pike and Ben Nevis, but a series of misadventures, luggage lost by the airline and bad luck with the weather, prevented us from doing these two. We did do Beinn Na Caillich on Skye. A short mountain but a lot of fun! We plan to return. I hope the above info is of interest to you. "

  • " I saw your Death Valley page and thought you might enjoy Wickiup. Death Valley Gallery has photos of the place by Edward Weston and Ansel Adams. Wickiup also has the firsthand account of pioneers travelling west in covered wagons to reach the California Gold Rush but stranded in Death Valley - the first to see it (1849), also the first book written about Death Valley (1891) and the first tourbook for Death Valley (1938 by a woman). You might also like the Sebastian Tarabal topic - first explorer to find a land route to Alta California for the Missions. Sebastian was an Indian from Baja California. Have a wonderful New Year."

  • " As a native Californian and Yosemite lover, I'd like to comment that I've never heard of bodily injuries, serious or otherwise, inflicted on humans by bears in Yosemite. The injuries are all in the other direction, to the best of my knowledge, as bears which have become campground "pests" are destroyed. I understand that the animal responsible for the most injuries (or is it deaths) to humans in Yosemite is the deer. Maybe you're thinking of grizzlies (ironically the California symbol on the state flag and hunted to extinction long ago). They're still around up in Montana, Alaska, etc., and evidently do warrant a bit of worry, but only a bit. In future kindly devote your energies to humans, the animals who really deserve a bad rap. Cheers! (PS: If my information is out of date, please enlighten me.) "
  • Denis Morel ( )

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